Women's Fitness Academy

Would you love to feel strong, energetic, healthy, happy, and confident in your own skin? Would you like to lose unwanted body fat... with 100% certainty that you'll never gain it back again? 


Get In The Best Shape Of Your Entire Life.

Enrolling in Women's Fitness Academy means learning how to reach your ideal body composition and easily maintaining your results for life. I'll take you step-by-step from wherever you are right now to looking and feeling phenomenal... the best you have in years, or maybe better than ever.

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Who is this for?

For women that need to lose 10+ pounds, repair and boost metabolism and tone via sustainable nutrition and exercise habits. 

This program is PERFECT FOR YOU if you’re really busy... Maybe you have a demanding career or a bunch of kids, and you need something that’ll fit into your current lifestyle. 

You're ready to drop all your excuses, and willing to work on yourself inside and out. You can commit to following this program explicitly to achieve your desired end result.

This program is NOT for you if you're not ready to take full responsibility for your own results.


What You'll Get:

All the support you need for a complete health & fitness overhaul. 

  • Starting Wednesday, April 5, 2023.
  • This program is 100% VIRTUAL. You can live anywhere in the world.
  • 12 weeks of weekly trainings from Rod, released each Wednesday in video form to watch at your convenience.

  • Easy-to-implement, weekly homework assignments that build upon each other to create new habits, so you won't even recognize yourself 12 weeks from now.
  • 6 months of direct access to Rod for support, motivation and questions.

  • We're teaching you fitness for life! Your plan will include the exercise and nutrition you can realistically stick with for years to come, which means no more yo-yo'ing.


What results can you expect?

You can expect to lose one dress size every 3-5 weeks. We've also seen women go from a size 10 to a 0 in 11 weeks.

Most importantly, you will gain strength, energy, knowledge and confidence. You will develop positive new habits and a newfound level of discipline.

Are you ready for this?

The woman who will be most successful with this program is ready to stop making any excuses for her lack of progress and ready to take full responsibility for the results she gets (or doesn’t get) with her health and fitness. 

  • She’s ready to learn exactly what she needs to do, and willing to tune out the overwhelming amount of health misinformation floating around the web today.

  • She's ready to put in the work consistently and relentlessly until she’s achieved her desired end result.

  • She is coachable. She’s willing to receive feedback openly and make changes as needed to ensure her success.

If this sounds like you, you’ll do extremely well and we’d love to work with you.


Meet Rod Cortizo


Rod founded Rodsquad back in 2004 and became famous for transforming even the most unlikely women from flab into 8 pack abs (see photo of said abs above on this page). Over the past 20 years, he's practiced and developed proven nutrition and exercise strategies that get women the very best results, improve habits, repair metabolism, build muscle and transform appearance. This is your opportunity to work directly with him and apply 20 years of knowledge and experience in your own life.

What customers are saying...

“I've tried a billion different programs... and nothing has ever worked.. until you guys came out with this program. My muffin top is shrinking, the scale has finally started moving. And my eating habits - I don't have to worry about what I'm eating or cutting out stuff. Thank you.”

Roni B.

“For anyone on the fence, I've done a couple mini programs with Rod and Kate and was really happy with my results. I know now that I do better with them supporting me along the way. They really are amazing.”

Diane Wiles

"For the first time in my adult life, I'm committed to working out. The program is doable but more importantly, Rod is a talented and caring trainer. It's exceptional personal training but with the camaraderie and support of a great group of women.”

Amy Meyers

“The Rodsquad is the most effective program out there. I went from a size 10 to a very fit size 0! I became confident, energetic, and best of all, happy! I’m so proud of my results!”

Marie, 30, mother of 2

"At 55 years old, I've lost 30 pounds and still going. Feeling more confident and energetic. Not afraid to wear short shorts. I'd tried everything before this. Thank God I finally found Rod!"

Larisa Palazzolo

"I tried personal trainers, Jenny Craig, aerobics, Zumba, everything! I even had liposuction, but the fat came back. And now I can’t believe the shape I’m in! I dropped 30 points off my cholesterol and I feel better and healthier than I’ve ever felt my whole life! My confidence and self-esteem have improved tremendously!"

Marie R., 34, mother of 2

"I had been wasting my time and money with a personal trainer 3 times a week for the last 2 years. I finally joined Rod's program and saw amazing results in a short time. I can't believe it worked so well for me!"

Eva, 46, mom of 3, including twins!

“I used to take three aerobics classes and run ten miles each week to get rid of stubborn fat in my midsection, I’d even trained for marathons but the fat just wasn’t going anywhere. Now I can happily say- No more running for me and the fat has vanished!!! I was able to make changes in my diet that will last forever.”

Kristen, 44, mother of 2

"I had already decided - if this didn't work, I was giving up. I went from a size 8 to a zero in eleven weeks! This is the first time I've been a zero in my life, not even before my 3 kids!”

Mari, 47, mother of 3

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What even more customers are saying...

"I wanted to get in the best shape of my life for my wedding, so I signed up for Rodsquad. I went down three dress sizes and really toned up in just 6 weeks!! I feel stronger than ever."

Bella, 45

"After having 3 kids, I was overweight and uncomfortable. In my first 9 weeks with Rodsquad, I lost ten percent body fat and my overall weight stayed the same. That means I reached my goal of replacing body fat with muscle! Now that's a transformation!"

Christine, 30, mom of 3

"As a busy medical doctor and mom, I really don't have time to workout a lot or cook healthy meals. Rodsquad was still able to help me lose 12 pounds/ 5% body fat in the first 6 weeks."

Stacy, 53, mother of 2

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