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Since 2004

Rod Cortizo, Founder

Rod's passion for health and fitness began as a young boy. He watched his mother struggle with her weight and thought, there has to be a better way.

By popular demand, he created Rodsquad in 2004, when many of his clients were having massive success with his body transformation challenges. Many of those clients experienced life-changing results and still participate in Rodsquad today.

A graduate of Fitness Institute International, he received his CPT-S (Certified Personal Trainer Specialist), and went on to get certified by NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and ACE (American Council on Exercise).

After owning his fitness studio in Boca Raton, Florida for more than 15 years, Rod and his wife Kate launched their online course, TRANSFORM, enabling Rodsquad to impact the lives of women and families around the world.

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When Kate first heard about Rodsquad, she was like... "Woah, that sounds cool." But she had major doubts.

Nothing has worked for me before, so why would this be different?

I can try it for awhile, but I'll probably end up quitting again.

What if it's too much work and I hate it?

Half of my family is overweight, so it's inevitable for me too.

Just because those other girls got amazing results, doesn't mean I will.


  • She wanted a future filled with memorable beach vacations and boundless energy for hiking adventures.
  • She wanted to teach her kids to use food as fuel, not an emotional crutch.
  • She wanted to get ready for girls night out with excitement, not stress over what to wear.
  • She wanted to prove to herself, her friends and her family that she could be hot, happy and healthy.
  • She wanted to attract the partner of her dreams and eventually, be totally confident with her (now) hubby. 
  • She wanted to wear the bikini and tiny sundress without hesitation.
  • She wanted to crush every presentation at work, without worrying how she looked in a suit.

She knew that fixing this issue would positively impact every area of her life. So she dove in. And then she trusted the process and kept going, even when she was tired. Rod and Kate live a happier, healthier life every day and have changed the trajectory of their family forever.

After trying everything from diet pills to spinning, Kate lost 25 pounds of body fat in her first 3 months of Rodsquad.

That was only the beginning!

To hear more about our story, watch our free 4-part mini course.