1. Increased Self Esteem

    "The Rodsquad program affected me physically and emotionally in a very positive way. I lost a significant amount of body fat, gained leaned muscle mass, enhanced my body physique which increased my self esteem. I am much happier with my body! I feel more youthful and more energetic. The wide variety of prepared food is truly delicious!"…Read More

  2. More Confidence

    "Rodsquad turns normal moms into athletes. I have lost fat and gained muscles. I am even running races! I'm eating better, more confident and have more energy. The Rodsquad personalized a diet that works for me, has an environment of women supporting women, and a freedom to go at my own pace."…Read More

  3. Simply Amazing!

    "Rod’s program is simply amazing!!!  I have struggled for years with my weight.  Trying everything out there before I joined his program!  I tried other personal trainers, the Jenny Craig diet, aerobics, zumba, Tae bo any exercise class or diet, I would try, without success.   I got so frustrated that about ten years ago I even had liposuction.  But the fat came back! And now I can’t bel…Read More

  4. Cutting Edge Program

    "I believe Rod’s program is better than any one-on-one training I have ever participated in or witnessed. The results one sees are immediate, continuous, and lasting…  It really is a TRANSFORMATION! I not only learned how to eat for a more fit body, I gained and experienced more energy, better health and stronger stamina.  I’m now in better shape than I ever was! I was also amazed at how…Read More

  5. I’m Hooked For Life!

    "I’ve been exercising my whole life before joining the Rodsquad program - I used to do weights, treadmill, yoga and biking 5 to 7 days a week. And as a professional dancer I’d also practice another 5 days a week. Now in Rod’s program I eat more and exercise less than ever before. This program has given me the figure I had in my 20’s but now I have the wisdom of a 45 year-old woman to go wi…Read More

  6. Amazing Results

    "Before I joined Rod’s program, I had been wasting my time and money working out with a personal trainer two to three times a week for the last 2 years.  But with Rod’s program, I saw amazing results in a short time.  I can’t believe it worked so well for me- Thanks Rod for all the fat removal!"…Read More

  7. I’m More Energetic

    "The RODSQUAD is the most effective program; it not only gave me the results I wanted, but it went beyond my expectations. I went from a size 10 to a very fit size 0! Rod’s program is unique, it’s the only program that has kept me motivated and there’s always something new and different included in the workouts – Definitely the most creative program I’ve experienced. Because of Rod and h…Read More

    Marie B.
  8. This Program is Addicting!

    "Before I started Rod’s program, I used to take three aerobics classes and run ten miles each week to get rid of stubborn fat in my midsection, I’d even trained for marathons but the fat just wasn’t going anywhere. Now, after Rod’s program I can happily say- No more running for me and the fat has vanished!!! Rod’s expert knowledge on nutrition and exercise has helped me learn sooo much, …Read More