Take your workout to the next level with our cycling classes in Boca Raton.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you just want a great cardiovascular workout, you’ll love the group cycling classes at Rodsquad. In one 45-minute class, you’ll go on an indoor cycling journey that simulates the intensity of riding along real hills, breakaways, flat roads and mountains. And, with the supervision of our experienced trainer, you’ll learn how to do it all while maintaining proper form and emphasizing RPM cadences. We’ll keep you motivated all the while with upbeat music and instruction that pushes you to new heights.

What makes cycling a great workout?

Cycling is famed for being a low-impact workout, and many people mistakenly believe that low-impact means low-intensity. But, the best part about cycling is that it can provide you with the high-intensity workout that you crave without putting the kind of strain on your body that comes from a typical high-intensity workout. Cycling is also a great choice because it’s a cardiovascular workout that can be used for strength training, endurance training and so much more! Best of all, when you join our group cycling class in Boca Raton, you’ll also enjoy all of the benefits of group fitness, including accountability, motivation, professional instruction and more.

At Rodsquad, we offer fitness solutions designed exclusively for women.

Have you ever wondered why men have an easier time getting fit or losing weight than women? Men naturally have more muscle than women, and that translates to a metabolism that is up to 10 percent faster than an average woman’s metabolism. In a man’s world, reaching your fitness goals as a woman can be tricky. But, that’s exactly why Rodsquad is here. We offer fitness classes and solutions designed specifically for women, and you can see the amazing results for yourself when you check out our gallery!

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