What is the Rodsquad class like?

Rodsquad uses strength training, weight training and circuit training with occasional cardio to maximize results. Each class is totally different and each week has a different theme from the week prior. For example, during isolation week we focus on isolating muscles in the upper and lower body. During compound week, we use a variety of unique exercises to target multiple muscle groups and keep clients on their toes. You will never be bored in a Rodsquad class! Since every workout is custom-designed with decades of experience and the female body in mind, you will see incredible results.

Will I really get everything I need from these classes?

Yes! The Rodsquad classes are very challenging and many of our clients find that adding additional classes outside of Monday, Wednesday and Friday is unnecessary. On the other hand, some of our clients love to add a stretch, spin or boot camp class for fun or to fit their schedule. If you’re concerned that we don’t offer a large enough class schedule, don’t worry! Come and see how this program works for yourself.

Do I need to register to attend a class?

Registration is not needed. We keep our classes small and walk-ins are always welcome. If it’s your first time at Rodsquad, you can call or text 561-305-8840 to let us know which class you’re coming to and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Do you offer private personal training?

Yes! In addition to group classes (which are small enough to be considered semi-private training), we offer one-on-one training between client and trainer. Both Rod and Patricia are available for these impactful private sessions.

What’s the price for a membership?

Our monthly membership includes unlimited classes and runs month-to-month with no contract and no down payment. We offer special pricing for students, teachers and first responders. Group discounts are also available. We are constantly offering monthly membership specials, so please call for the latest pricing.

What’s the formula for best results?

    Clients who see the fastest and most dramatic results are the most consistent! Show up to class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and your body will definitely transform. You might not see the results for a few weeks and then suddenly you will notice that you’ve dropped a dress size or your significant other is noticing the difference.
    You need nutrition to fuel your body for these intense workouts! We recommend beginning each meal with a large portion of deep greens (spinach, kale, arugula) to fill you up and fuel you. Do not try to deprive your body of what you are craving. Instead, add what your body needs – nutrient rich vegetables.
  3. REST:
    With the Rodsquad program, you really don’t need to workout more than 3 days each week. This is especially true for beginners. In fact, pushing your body to do more than the 3 Rodsquad classes each week can result in fatigue and you’ll get less out of your Rodsquad workouts.