Committed 2020 begins January 13, 2020. This 12-week group transformation and accountability program can change your life – you only need to commit!

rodsquad womens fitness boca raton floridaThe Commitment Program includes:

    • Before & after photos: Look back at your transformation for months and years to come. A transformation in your appearance provides a new level of confidence and the motivation you need to keep working hard!
    • Body composition measurements: Our inBody assessment reveals undeniable data about body fat, water weight, muscle composition and more! In combination with your photos, your assessments will reveal indisputable evidence of your progress. We recommend you to complete a new weigh-in biweekly.
    • Nutrition plans: #RodsquadApproved nutrition guidelines will help you get in the best shape of your life. We focus a lot on protein and nutrition, as most of us don’t get enough!
    • Check-ins: We will track your progress with checkpoints and provide the programming you need to reach and exceed your goals!
    • One-on-one coaching: Rod will provide you with personalized suggestions regarding nutrition, workouts and transformation goals throughout the program. You’ll schedule one-on-one meetings with him to check your progress and make sure you’re exceeding your goals.
    • Accountability: You’re joining a group of like-minded ladies with similar goals who will encourage, support and hold each other accountable as you transform together! In addition, the Rodsquad team will keep in touch to keep you on track.
    • Food Logging: We may ask you to submit food logs to hold you accountable and discover areas of improvement in your diet.
    • BLAZE: 🔥 These special cardiovascular training sessions are an added benefit for commitment program participants only. BLAZE is a 15-minute Progressive Metabolic Personal Training designed for quick fat loss. 
    • Group Events: Cooking classes, potluck socials, grocery store tours, rolling workshops and more!

The cost for Committed 2020 is $499. Monthly membership or personal training is required for all members of the commitment program and is not included in the cost of your commitment program. In addition to the one-time cost of joining your transformation group, you will pay for an ongoing Rodsquad membership or personal training package.

“Rod’s program is simply amazing!!!  I have struggled for years with my weight.  Trying everything out there before I joined his program!  I tried other personal trainers, the Jenny Craig diet, aerobics, zumba, Tae bo any exercise class or diet, I would try, without success.   I got so frustrated that about ten years ago I even had liposuction.  But the fat came back! And now I can’t believe the shape that I’m in!  I’m super fit but not just compared to what I was before, I’m in crazy, crazy shape compared to any athlete out there!  (I even dropped about 30 points off of my cholesterol and needless to say- I feel better and healthier than I ever felt in my whole life!!! I finally love myself!  My confidence and self-esteem have improved tremendously!!! I’m a better, healthier and extremely fit me!  Thanks Rod!!!” – Marie

Check out this special message for our Fall transformation ladies from Olympic figure skating medalist, Nancy Kerrigan: 

“I’d like to congratulate the ladies participating in Rodsquad’s Fall Transformation Program… Prioritizing health and fitness while juggling families and careers is so difficult. I know, I do it myself, and it can be so rewarding though if you put in the work… You can do it, it will pay off and you’ll be so proud of yourself.”