Rodsquad Women’s Fitness Classes

The Rodsquad workout is a blend of carefully selected resistance training exercises with cardio added into the mix. To help us sculpt the body, we mainly use free weights (dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls) and cable cross machines, as well as plain body weight.

For the cardio portion of our workouts, we use spinning bikes, jump ropes, hurdle drills, step ladders and calisthenics. Click here to learn more about Rodsquad classes.


Boot Camp/ Cardio Conditioning Classes

Our cardio conditioning classes put more focus on cardio than strength training. They are fun, total-body conditioning classes that use several of our favorite toys and body weight training. Click here to learn more about our Boot Camp classes for women.


Group Cycling Classes

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you just want a great cardiovascular workout, you’ll love the group cycling classes at Rodsquad. In one 45-minute class, you’ll go on an indoor cycling journey that simulates the intensity of riding along real hills, breakaways, flat roads and mountains.


Ready to Get Started?

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