RodSquad Classes

The Rodsquad workout is a blend of carefully selected resistance training exercises with cardio added into the mix. To help us sculpt the body, we mainly use free weights (dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls), cable cross machines as well as plain body weight.

For the cardio portion of our workouts, we use spinning bikes, jump ropes, hurdle drills, step ladder and calisthenics


Indoor Cycling is a super fun, high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular workout!

In our 45-minute classes, we simulate hills, mountains, flat roads, and breakaways, while emphasizing proper cycling form and RPM cadences. Through motivating music and high energy instruction, students of all fitness levels can enjoy a safe and challenging workout!

Cardio Conditioning

Puts more focus on cardio than strength. It is a fun total body conditioning class using several of our favorite toys and body weight training.