There’s no doubt about it, gyms are almost always male-dominated. Going to a traditional gym is not always an comfortable experience for women, especially if they are new to working out. When you’re facing a complicated machine that you already don’t know how to use, feeling self conscious about trying to figure it out in front of a hulking, intimidating guy who is impatiently waiting for you to get done with the same machine won’t make matters any better. But, luckily, you have Rodsquad on your side. We are your go-to women’s gym in Baton Rouge, and we offer everything from fitness classes for women to nutrition advice. Contact us today to sign up, and keep reading for interesting articles about women’s fitness.

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    3 Reasons We Focus on Glutes at Rodsquad Women’s Fitness

    Everyone knows that a perky, lifted booty looks better than a saggy, neglected derrière. But what are the other benefits of working your booty, besides the way it looks? Here are 3 reasons to work your glutes that have nothing to do with looks! BEAT BACK PAIN. Strong glutes stabilize the pelvis an…Read More

  2. Welcome to Rodsquad

    At Rodsquad, we're proud to be your premier women's gym in Boca Raton. Whether you would love to fit into a favorite pair of blue jeans again or you want to build strength and muscle, we all have our own fitness goals. And, when you're fighting hard to reach those goals in a world designed for men's…Read More