Whether you’re training for a bodybuilding competition, you want to lose weight or you’re just trying to improve your health as a whole, strength training is a must. And, luckily, here at Rodsquad, we offer strength training for women. Let us help you achieve your goals while toning your body and building strength. We offer fitness classes for women of all fitness levels, and our certified trainers have the experience and the expertise to help you maximize your efforts and your results. Visit our site today to learn more about our women’s strength training and weight lifting classes, and keep reading to learn all about strength training for women.

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    3 Reasons We Focus on Glutes at Rodsquad Women’s Fitness

    Everyone knows that a perky, lifted booty looks better than a saggy, neglected derrière. But what are the other benefits of working your booty, besides the way it looks? Here are 3 reasons to work your glutes that have nothing to do with looks! BEAT BACK PAIN. Strong glutes stabilize the pelvis an…Read More