We focus on reshaping women’s bodies through strength training, nutrition, and cardio.

The goal is to increase metabolism by gaining lean muscle tone and decrease body fat at the same time.

We believe women benefit the most in a setting where they share similar goals with other females in a clean environment designed just for them.

70% of women’s muscle metabolism comes from lower-body, so, we use the most effective training to target legs and glutes which is also most women’s trouble areas.

Rod Cortizo – Founder

“My goal is to help as many people achieve their goals”

I created Rodsquad in 2005, after graduating from Fitness Institute International.

I received my CPT-S (Certified Personal Trainer Specialist) and then I went on to get certified by NSCA(National Strength and Conditioning Association), ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) and ACE(American Council on Exercise).

Patricia Shaffer – Indoor Cycling & Group Fitness Instructor

Patricia is one of the area’s most popular indoor group cycling instructors.  With tremendous energy and enthusiasm, she motivates students of all fitness levels.
As a collegiate scholarship tennis player, with a major in Exercise Science, she has had a lifelong passion for fitness and it shows!

(ACE, Mad Dogg Spinning, & USPTA certified)

Dayami – Fitness Instructor

Dayami, a native Floridian, has been practicing Pilates since her college days.  Encouraged by her instructor to get certified, she now has a passion for helping her own students develop a strong core, create balance and engage the healing side of their bodies.